Demon’s Den: Complete Boxed Set

When a mysterious stranger offers Theo entry to a kinky magical underground club, he’s too curious to say no. As Theo’s deepest, darkest desires are revealed through sexcapades with sex zombies, a hot vampire, and a gender changing succubus/incubus Dom, Theo is forced to confront his repressed sexuality. Sometimes facing one’s denial can be scarier than any monster or demon.

**Warning!** These three novelettes contain horror and kink not advisable for sensitive readers. They include voyeurism of eroticised violence, an orgy with mindless and ready-to-please sex zombies, slave boys, whipping, human furniture, exhibitionism in a fight pit, bondage, a whole lotta clamps, demon futanari, kinky tail action, and reluctant m/m sexual acts. Explicit sex scenes include f/m/f/f, brief f/f, m/m, and m/f pairings.

Includes Part 1: Dark Desires , Part 2: Fight Free, and Part 3: Incubus Awakening. NOTE: Each instalment can be read as a standalone but will have more meaningful impact if read together in order.

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Teach Me, Take Me, Claim Me

While Kyler suffers through his adolescent werewolf change – months of painful partial morphing, manic aggression, and unquenchable horniness – the devastatingly handsome and alpha Grayson agrees to board Kyler at his apartment. Soon the teen werewolf discovers his biggest challenge will be convincing his mentor their ten-year age gap shouldn’t keep them from giving in to their lusty physical attraction – or falling in love.

**Warning!** This novelette contains explicit m/m scenes of a sexual nature! It includes teen angst, gay club hook-ups, lots of werewolf frottage, Dom/sub themes, partial morphing and biting, a little erotic asphyxiation, and a HEA.

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Getting it On-line: Three Modern Erotic Bisexual Ménage Story Bundle

Each of these sexy short stories feature one hot young woman and multiple bisexual young men using the internet to get laid. Frisky Tinder dates land Casey in bed with three hot guys in Swipe Right. Camille becomes a cat cam-girl and livestreams sex for the first time with her housemate and cameraman in Kitty Cam. James’ Russian mail-order bride is ready to consummate their relationship along with his sexy boyfriend in From Russia with Lust.

**Warning!** These short stories are for mature (in age, anyway) readers. Contains horny college girls, up-skirt public fingering, a talented pierced tongue, guy-on-guy kissing, vibrating dildos, cat tail butt-plugs, cream soaked breasts, submissive blowjobs, food flirtation, indecent yoga, a half-naked water fight, sexy shower time, spanking, and m/f/m/m, m/f/m, m/f, m/m, and f/m/m parings!

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Dance Professor Cowboy

When Janie visits her history professor’s ranch house to negotiate her failing grade, she discovers Prof. Daniels’ dirty little secret: dancing and singing to country music – in nothing but chaps and a cowboy hat!

Janie can’t help but spy on his sexy, one-man show, snapping blackmail pics and getting worked up over the older man like she’s never felt before. When Prof. Daniels catches her, she refuses to delete the photos… unless she gets a dance of her own.

**Warning!** This erotic short story contains voyeurism, age difference, light bondage, bargaining, and male lap dancing! Not intended for those without a sense of playfulness!

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Love on the Lakeside

Innocent Brandt just has to get through one last summer before heading off to university. Unfortunately, his parents are dragging him and his belligerent older brother on a two week cottage vacation to “re-bond as a family.” Pressured to bring a friend along, Brandt goes out on a limb and asks his soccer teammate Zane to join them.

Things get awkward real fast when Brandt has to share a bedroom with Zane. On top of that, he receives flirtatious attention from the sexy redhead at the beach. Brandt does his best to ignore the bad thoughts and feelings these guys ignite in him. But when that first kiss happens he can’t help chasing the awesome new experiences – and pointedly ignore what they might mean.

Love on the Lakeside is cute coming-of-age m/m romance with a HEA. This long novella contains a lot of blushing, hand-holding, teenage frottage, and sexy firsts.

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